Welcome to Lilac's Plus Size Fashions

Welcome to Lilac's Plus Size Fashions

Hi, I'm Carolyn.







I turned 79 years of age in August and I’m starting a new online clothing store for Plus Size women.

Crazy, right?


But I love shopping, I love wearing clothes that make people smile, and I love saving money.

I used to do in-home work for seniors and it became a game for clients to guess what outfit I would show up in the following day.

I realized that certain outfits and certain colors made people happy and I myself am particularly fond of the color yellow.

I have shopped at thrift stores and resale shops for most of my life.

At first, it was because I didn't have the money to buy new.

But then I got hooked on finding good quality, gently worn designer clothing for much less than the prices for new clothes.  

A lot of women say that they are afraid to shop in resale or thrift stores because they're afraid they'll end up buying a damaged item that they don't notice until they get home.

That's where I come in.

 I want to be your personal shopper!

What if you had a personal shopper that searched out the "best of the best" thrift store, resale and estate sale Plus Size Fashions?

That's what I do.

Every week, I search thrift stores, resale shops and estate sales to find the top-name Plus Size Fashion designer brands for my store.

Then, before items go into the store, they are washed or steamed, checked for holes, missing buttons, stains, pet hair, smoke, perfume or any other offensive odors or issues that might affect item condition.

After items are inspected and cleaned, I accurately measure each item so that you can be assured of the correct fit for your body shape and style.  

And even if you're not great at figuring out what clothing items work together, not to worry.

I'll give you suggestions on the best ways to accessorize your items so that you'll always look your best.

With the high cost of everything these days, thrift store and resale stores are a great way to afford brand name Plus Size fashions, at a fraction of what they would cost to buy new.

Plus you're doing a good deed by helping save the planet.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to serving you.

Let's Shop!




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