Who is Lilac


Lilac is the name I would have picked for myself because lilacs are my favorite flower.

My grandmother had a huge lilac in the middle of her back yard and it was more like a lilac tree than a lilac bush.

I have tried to grow lilacs in Texas but never had much luck.

Then I moved north to Minnesota and found that lilacs love cold weather climates.

Discovering that lilacs thrive in cold weather climates made it even more amazing that my grandmother was able to grow such a giant one here in Texas.

My grandmother had a lovely garden filled with perennials like honeysuckle, phlox, lantanas, and daisies.  My love of flowers comes from following her while she tended to her flowers.

I got to enjoy the lilacs every spring when I lived in Minneapolis they grow everywhere there.

I'm back in Texas now and I'm glad to see that lilacs can be grown here although I don't think I'll ever grow one quite as large as my grandmother's.

My love of flowers and color is reflected in the clothing styles and items that I choose for my store.

Stop by and see my flower garden of clothing.

The store is now open!

New finds are being added daily!

Happy Holidays!







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